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Education and human development

Objectives: to reflect on processes of musical cognition and fruition from an interdisciplinary perspective; to research processes of communication and musical development in childhood and infancy; to create methodologies and projects for musical intervention in the community appropriate to groups with specific needs in different educative, social and therapeutic contexts; to stimulate the implementation of musical learning theory in general and vocational music teaching; to encourage the area of artistic studies for children by adopting work formulae that reconcile research, training, artistic creation and by providing the community with a service; to promote output and training of human resources involved with the Psychology of Music and Musical Pedagogy in general.



PhD: Helena Rodrigues (coordinator), Ana Monção, Carlos Alberto Gomes, Helena Caspurro, João Pedro Reigado, Orlindo Gouveia Pereira, Paulo Jorge Ferreira Rodrigues.

PhD Candidates: Ana Paula Almeida, António Rocha, Luís Girão, Maria José Barriga, Nuno Arrais, Tiago Paulos Veiga.

Masters: Ana Rebelo, Pedro Varandas.

Other collaborators: Catarina Fragoso, Mafalda Nascimento, Sara Costa.


FCT funded Projects:

  •  Musical Development in Infancy and Childhood (ended 2011).
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