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Critical theory and communication

This area concerns research of a theoretical-methodological and epistemological nature, in dialogue with different currents of philosophical, aesthetic and sociological thought, including critical theory on musicology, and “critical theory” in its true sense, philosophy of language, hermeneutical theory, issues of signification and of representation, of communication and of reception, musical theory and thought in history and in the present, comparative studies (music and literature, music and other arts, music and rhetoric, music and natural sciences, etc.), institutional and political questions, globalisation and intercultural relations, gender studies and cultural studies in a broad sense.



PhD: Paula Gomes Ribeiro (coordinator, researcher Ciência 2008), Ana Brinca (Post-doctoral), Ana Paixão, Dilmar Miranda, Gilbert Stöck, Jelena Novak (Post-doctoral FCT), João Pedro Cachopo (Post-doctoral FCT), Katrin Stöck, Ladan Eftekhari, Luís Soldado (Post-doctoral), Luzia Rocha, Manuela Toscano, Maria João Neves, Mário Vieira de Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira de Castro.

PhD candidates: Andrea Teixeira (Grant Fellow Capes), Gabriel Rezende, Isabel Albergaria, Fernando Fontes, João Madureira (Grant Fellow Protec), João Nascimento, Luís Miguel Santos (FCT Grant BD), Rosa Paula Rocha Pinto, Rui Magno Pinto (FCT Grant BD).

Masters: Beatriz Serrão, João Romão, José Júlio Lopes, José Manuel Brandão, Mariana Calado, Nuno Fidalgo.

Masters candidates: Helena Braga.



Funded Projects

  • Dialogue Inter Arts in 20th-Century Portugal
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