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Composition, interpretation, experimentation


Made up of composers, performers and stage-music directors, this research area focuses on poïesis, or musical production in a broad sense, seeking to encourage and stimulate research projects in which practising artists in their daily lives constitute a fundamental point of reference. With particular emphasis on studies made from the perspective of the researcher who makes music – in relation to creation, experimentation and reception – this area is also to include approaches that are transversal and transdisciplinary in relation to composition, performance and experimentation. Linking components that are artistic (Composition, Performance, Staging), technological (Acoustics and Musical Informatics) and reflective (Theory and Concepts), this research area aims to create an open system, made of interacting communicating vessels, maximising a concrete heterogeneity and opening horizons to other semiotics.  

These areas of research gave rise to monographs, communications and articles by the various associated researchers, as well as the dissemination in public concerts and recordings of the musical works studied and/or recovered. also of relevance is the research carried out by composers and performers, which results not only in new works and performances, but also research texts that demonstrate a reflective stance with regard to musical creation itself and the analysis - technical and aesthetic- of specific works.



PhD: Isabel Pires (coordinator), António Salgado, Francisco Monteiro, Ivan Moody, Madalena Soveral, Maria João Serrão, Paulo Assis, Nancy Harper, Tomás Henriques.

Doutorandos: Bruno Gabirro (FCT Grant BD), Elsa Filipe, Ernesto Donoso, Helder Filipe Gonçalves.

Masters: Cristina Teixeira.

Fellow Grant (BI) Research Project Jorge Peixinho: Pedro Lima Taveira, mestrando.



Funded Projects

Performance Online – Revista de Interpretação Musical

Fontes da Música Portuguesa Contemporânea

Music and Technology

O Processo Criativo de Luigi Nono – Estímulos, processos, técnicas e metodologia da sua escrita musical

Thesis 2003-2007

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