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Integrated Researchers

Mário Vieira de Carvalho
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Opera, Aesthetic and Sociology of Music.
Orlindo Gouveia Pereira
Interests: Pshychology of Art
Maria João Serrão
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Contemporary Music, Music and Theatre.
Maria José Artiaga
Integated Researcher. Interests: Nineteenth Century Music.
Manuel Pedro Ferreira
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Early Music, Contemporary Music.
Bernadette Nelson
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Iberian Music and Early Music.
David Cranmer
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Music, Opera.
Francisco Monteiro
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Contemporary Music, Performance Studies.
Gabriela Cruz
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Nineteenth Century Music and Opera.
João Pedro d'Alvarenga
Integrated Researcher. FCT Researcher.
Joaquim Carmelo Rosa
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Nineteenth Portuguese Music, Music Pedagogy.
Jorge Matta
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Eighteenth Century Music, Performance Studies
Helena Rodrigues
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Psychology of Music.
Ladan Eftekhari
Investigadora integrada. Nineteenth Century Music, Music and Litterature.
Luísa Cymbron
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Opera, Portuguese Music.
Tomás Henriques
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Contemporary Music, Music and Technology
Elsa De Luca
Research Interests: Early Music, Liturgy, Codicology of medieval manuscripts, Database, Digital Humanities, Digital Library, and Musicology
Alberto Pacheco
Integrated Researcher | Post-Doctoral | FCT Grant BPD. Interests: Music in the Luso-Brazilian Empire; Vocal Music of the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-centuries | SInging Technique and Style.
Madalena Soveral
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Contemporary Music | Performing Studies.
Manuela Toscano
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Muiscal Aesthetics and Philosoph; Symbolism; Music and Litterature; Music and Visual Arts.
Paula Gomes Ribeiro
Integrated Researcher (Ciência 2008). Interests: Sociology of Music; Opera / Musical Theatre - Dramaturgy, Staging, Visual Culture; Musical Sociabilities, last decades of the Twentieth- and Twentieth-first Centuries.
Paulo Ferreira de Castro
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Music and Philosophy; Opera.
Paulo Assis
Integrated Researcher (Ciência 2008). Interests: Contemporary Music; Performance Practice: Artistic Research
Francesco Esposito
Integrated Researcher. Post-Doctoral FCT. Interests: Nineteenth-century Music; Musical Education.
Isabel Pires
Integrated Researcher, Post-doctoral FCT Fellow Grant. Interests: Music and Technology; Musical Composition; Cognitive processes of auditory perception; SOund Spacialization.
Ivan Moody
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Composition, Music and Spirituality, Ortodox Church Singing, Contemporary Music.
Ana Paixão
Interests: Musical semiotics, Rhetoric and litterary and musical writing techniques.
Nancy Lee Harper
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Piano Pedagogy.
Helena Caspurro
Domingos Mascarenhas
Integrated Researcher. Post-doctoral FCT Fellow Grant.
Maria João Neves
Integrated Researcher. Post-doctoral FCT Fellow Grant. Interests: Philosopy, Phenomenology, Musical Aesthetics, Contemporry Artistic Movements.
António Jorge Marques
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Eighteenth-, Nineteenth- and Twentieth- centuries Portuguese/Brazilian Sacred Music; Thematic Catalogues; Marcos Portugal.
Svetlana Poliakova
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Liturgy and Medieval Ortodox Music; Composition Techniques Pedagogy.
Ana Margarida Brinca
Integrated Researcher. Post-doctoral.
João Pedro Reigado
Integrated Researcher. Interests: Artistic Studies, Musical Psychology and Pedagogy,
Ana Monção
Integrated Researcher.
António Salgado
Integrated Researcher.
Cristina Faria
Integrated Researcher.
João Pedro Cachopo
Integrated Researcher. Post-doctoral FCT Fellow Grant. Interests: Contemporary Philosophy (Aesthetics and Politics); Opera Studies; Litterature Studies.
Mário Trilha
Integrated Researcher.
Rosana Marreco Brescia
Integrated Researcher. Post-doctoral FCT Fellow Grant. Interests: Eighteenth-century Opera; Scenography, costumes and theatre architecture;
Pedro Sousa Silva
Integrated Researcher.
Luzia Aurora Rocha
Integrated Researcher.
Paulo Ferreira Rodrigues
Integrated Researcher. Professor at University of Aveiro. Interests: Music and Infancy.
João Nogueira
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