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Course of Musical Iconography

Núcleo de Iconografia Musical

12-16 July 2010 | FCSH | Lisbon


The Summer Course ‘Musical Iconography Lab’, organized by CESEM (FCSH – Universidade Nova de Lisboa) in cooperation with IMS Study Group on Musical Iconography pretends to be a new activity and a new approach to musical iconography studies.

During a week classes will be held, together with round tables and discussions concerning sources and specific bibliography. The ‘Laboratory (Lab)’ concept introduces a new dynamic and modernity: students and teachers should, together, study, experiment and produce new knowledge, discovering modern work tools, just like in a laboratory. This will allow the possibility of a particular connection with teachers, not very usual during the regular and most usual seminars or conferences proceedings.

The invitation of teachers from different countries (and with different skills) allows a multidisciplinary course and the development of new aptitudes and skills (especially for the candidates with interests in Music, History and Art History).


Adelaide MIRANDA (Portugal, Lisboa, Universidade Nova)
Cristina SANTARELLI (Itália, Torino, Instituto per i Beni Musicali in Piemonte)
Daniel TÉRCIO (Portugal, Lisboa, Universidade Técnica)
Gorka RUBIALES ZABARTE (Spain, Madrid, Grupo de Iconografia de la Universidad Complutense
Florence GÉTREAU (France, Paris, CNRS-IRPMF)
Martin KNUST (Germany, University of Stockholm)
Richard LEPPERT (USA, University of Minnesota)
Rosario ALVAREZ (Spain, Universidad La Laguna Tenerife)
Tilman SEEBASS (Áustria, Universität Innsbruck)

Potential candidates: students, teachers or others with interest in Music, History and Art History.
Creditation: not yet confirmed.

Scientific Committee:
Manuel Pedro Ferreira (CESEM)
Luís Sousa (CESEM)
Luzia Rocha (CESEM)

Organization Committee:
Luís Sousa
Luzia Rocha

Beatriz Serrão
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