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Jelena Novak

colaboradora interna

Curriculum Vitae

Jelena Novak


Postdoctoral research fellow at Research Centre for Aesthetics and Sociology of Music, New University of Lisbon

Contact: artina(at)

Domain of Specialization and Research Interests

Musicology, theatre studies, performance studies, critical theory, media theory, sociology of music and opera, performing arts, philosophy, aesthetics

BSc Musicology, University of Arts, Belgrade
MA Art Theory and Theory of Media, University of Arts, Belgrade
PhD ASCA, University of Amsterdam


Participation in Research Projects
Postdoc: Opera beyond Drama



PhD Thesis
(2012) Singing Corporeality: Reinventing the Vocalic Body in Postopera


Books (author)
Opera u doba medija (Opera in the Age of Media) Divlja analiza: Formalistička, strukturalistička i poststrukturalistička razmatranja muzike (Wild Analysis: Formalist, Structuralist and Poststructuralist Approaches to Music)

(2007) Opera u doba medija ( Opera in the Age of Media ), Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci, IKZS (Serbian)
(2004) Divlja analiza: Formalistička, strukturalistička i poststrukturalistička razmatranja muzike ( Wild Analysis: Formalist, Structuralist and Poststructuralist Approaches to Music ), Belgrade, Students Cultural Center (Serbian)


Books (editor)

Women and Music in Serbia Istorija umetnosti u Srbiji XX vek (History of Arts in Serbia - 20th century)

(2011) Women and Music in Serbia , co-authored with P. Adkins-Chiti, I. Neimarevic, O. Nesic, Rome, Fondazione Adkins-Chiti (English, Italian, Serbian)
(2010) Istorija umetnosti u Srbiji XX vek (History of Arts in Serbia - 20th century) , co-edited with Miško Šuvaković, Nevena Daković, Aleksandar Ignjatović, Vesna Mikić, Ana Vujanović, Belgrade, Orion Art (Serbian)


Chapters in books

From Minimal Music to Postopera: Repetition, Representation and (Post) Modernity

(2013, forthcoming) "From Minimal Music to Postopera: Repetition, Representation and (Post) Modernity", Ashgate Companion to Minimalist and Post-Minimal Music, Co-edited by Kyle Gann, Keith Potter and Pwyll ap Sion, London, Ashgate.
(2013, forthcoming) “Postopera and A/synchronous Narrating: Singing Letters, Multiplied Bodies and Dissociated Voice in Andriessen/Greenaway's Writing to Vermer", in: Opera Staging: Erzählweisen, Viena, Europäische Musiktheater-Akademie (EMA), associada à Ópera de Viena, CESEM.
(2011) "Mapping the Cultural History of Women as Composers in Serbia: Scream beyond Asymptote", in: Women and Music in Serbia, Roma, Fondazione Adkins Chiti.
(2009) "Roland Barthes" in: Figure u pokretu: Savremena zapadna estetika, filozofija I teorija umetnosti , ( Moving Figures, Contemporary Western Aesthetics, Philosophy and Theory of Art ), Beograd, Atoča, Vujičić kolekcija.
(2008) "Einstein on the Beach", "Nixon in China", "Writing to Vermeer", "Europeras", "Soldiers" in: Opera Lexicon , Belgrade, University of Arts (ed. G. Dragovic).
(2005)"Music and Avant-Garde", "Moderate Modernism", "Neoclasicissm and New Classicism", "Electroacoustic Music", "Out of Music", "Repetitive Music", "Music in Postmodern Age", "Music Theatre", within appendix 20th Century Art in Serbia  edited by Miško šuvaković, in: H. V. Janson & Entoni F. Janson, History of Art (Serbian Edition), Novi Sad, 2005.

Journal Articles (selection)
(2012) “Voices beyond corporeality: Towards the Prosthetic Body in Opera”, Studies in Musical Theatre, Volume 6, Number 1, March 2012 , pp. 73-88(16).
(2011) “Politics of Sadness: Little Flower, Refrigerator Lorry, Death and Symphonic Tradition”, New Sound - International Magazine for Music, no. 38, II/2011, pp. 65-75
(2011) “Throwing the Voice, Catching the Body: Opera and Ventriloquism in Philip Glass/Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête”, Music, Sound and Moving Image 5:2, Autumn 2011, pp. 137-155.
(2010) "Monsterization of Singing: Politics of Vocal Existance", New Sound - International Magazine for Music, no. 36
(2009) Undoing Real of Music in Works by JasnaVelickovic , International Magazine for Music New Sound n33, 36-46.
(2009) Digitality and Opera , Notations, Vol 1: Music and Evolution, Interdisciplinary Centre for ComputerMusic Research, Plymouth.
(2008) Operacija Dante - spektakl nemoguće sinhronizacije (Operation Dante - Spectacle of Impossible Synchronization), Teatron n 143, 2008.
(2008) Philip Glasstvillingpar -opera och film , Nutida Musik  1/2008.
(2007) "Corporeal Rememberance: Singing Body of Opera", in: Musical Culture and Memory , Tatjana Markovic, Vesna Mikic (eds), Beograd, Faculty of Music.
(2007) Queer Protocol of Hommage, Marko Nikodijević: chambres de ténèbres/tombeau de Claude Vivier , International Magazine for Music New Sound n29.
(2005/2006) Matrix in the Opera , TkH Journal for performing Arts Theory n10.
(2005) Metalingual Mouth of Music: Signifiers Vertigo After Poststructuralism , Portuguese Music Information Center, Lisbon.
(2005) Percussive Silence of Words , Portuguese Music Information Center, Lisbon.
(2005) Synthesis Breakfast in Bathroom , International Magazine for Music New Sound n26.
(2004) Prosthetic Music, Michel van der Aa's Case,
(2004) Coloratura Reloaded , Maska, Vol. XIX, n1-2 (84-85), win.-spr. 2004.
(2004) Opera in the Age of its Electronic/Digital Reproduction , TkH Journal for performing Arts Theory n7.
(2003) Economy of Operatic Trauma , Teatron, n124-125.
(2002) Musical Hiperreality and its Dramaturgical Functions , TkH Journal for performing Arts Theory n3.

Lectures, Conference Papers, Discussions (selection)
(2013) Sadness Vertigo: Opera, Film and Ideology of Romanticism in Lars Von Trier’s “Melancholia”, ENIM, Cascais, Portugal (forthcoming)
(2013) From Einstein to Disney: Political Economy of Opera beyond Drama, Fourth International conference for Music and Minimalism, Long Beach, US (forthcoming)
(2013) Classical music and Ventriloquist Dance: Le Sacre du Printemps Reinvested, Simpósio Cem Anos de Sagração da Primavera (1913-2013), CESEM, UNL, Portugal
(2013) Will it Get Some Wind for the Sailboat? The Life and Times of Postopera, International Symposium “Einstein on the Beach: Opera after Drama”, University of Amsterdam, January 5-6
(2012) Operatizing Film, “Opera and Cinema: The Politics of an Encounter, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, November 9-10
(2012) Body and Voice, Divided: Singing Corporeality in the Age of Media, “Astonished and Terrified”: opera and the transformation of the world by technology, conference, The Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre, University of Sussex, UK
(2012) Postopera and Moving Image: Singing Body beyond the Screen, Conference: Das Wohnzimmer als Loge. Von der Fernsehoper zum medialen Musiktheater, Universitat Siegen, Germany, March 21-23
(2011) La Commedia, Vocal Travesty and Reinvention of Body-Voice – Gender Construct, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.
(2011) " Writing to Vermeer : Singing Letters and Opera after Drama", International Symposium: Time, Realism and Convention in Recent Opera, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.
(2011) "From Minimal Music to Postopera: Repetition, Representation and (Post)Modernity", Second Colloquium of Society for Minimalism in Music, University of Wolverhampton, Birmingham, UK.
(2010) "Acousmatic Voice and Singing Body", conference paper, MediArt: Pierre Schaeffer, University of Zagreb, Medainmotion Berlin, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia.
(2010) "Reinventing Vocalic Body in Postopera", conference paper, Song, Stage and Screen V: Approaches to Voice in Music, Theatre and Film, University of Winchester, Winchester, UK.
(2010) "Phantom Hiatus: Music between Opera and Film", lecture, Forum Itinerarios Musicais: Musica e Cinema, Universidad Nova, Lisbon, Portugal.
(2010) "Garden of Postopera Delights: Spectacle of Impossible Synchronization in Louis Andriessen's and Hal Hartley's Film Opera La Commedia (2008)", lecture, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.
(2010) "Prosthesis, Ventriloquism, Travesty: Reinventing Singing in the Age of Media", lecture, Opera in Medial Transformation, workshop organized by European Institute,Florence, Italy.
(2009) "Music as Text: from Formalist to Semiotic Analysis", lecture, Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies, Univeristy of Art, Belgrade, Serbia.
(2009) "Silent Voices, Singing Bodies: Body Without Voice and Voice without Body in Philip Glass/Jean Cocteau opera for ensemble and film La Belle et la Bête ", conference paper, Silent Voices/Hidden Lives: Censorship in Performance, International Federation of Theatre Research, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
(2009) "Narrating by Repeating, Function of Music in Post-operatic Narrativity", conference paper, Department forTheory of Music, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.
(2009) "Reinventing the Body After Opera: Music, Representation and Post-History of the Body", conference paper, The Musical Body: Gesture, Representation and Ergonomics in Performance, Institute of Music Research, Senate House, and the Royal College of Music, London, UK.
(2008) "Repeating the Body in Music: Corporeal Identity between Performance Art and Postopera Spectacle", conference paper, Goldsmiths College, Minimalism Colloquium, University of London, London, UK.
(2008) "Il Ruolo della musica contemporanea nella cultura europea", roundtable discussion, RisonanzExpo, Pescara, Italy.
(2008) "The End of Composers Project: Robert Ashley,biographer and biographee", conference paper, (Auto) biography as a Musicological Discourse, The Ninth International Conference, Departments of Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.
(2008) "Opera:Voice Mirroring Body, conference paper, ASCA Engaging Objects International Workshop, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
(2007) "Singing body as Political Investment: Operas by John Adams and Peter Sellars", conference paper, PERFORMA, Aveiro, University of Aveiro, Portugal.
(2007) Contextualizing Opera in Post-dramatic Context: Differences and Repetitions, First International Conference on Music and Minimalism, Univerity of Bangor, Wales, UK.

TkH (Walking Theory)
 Jelena Novak - Steinway's Daughter Piano Lesson
Founding member of TkH (Walking Theory), a group for theoretical and artistic research founded at the end of 2000 in Belgrade. Since 2002 TkH platform operates as an independent organization: TkH-center for performing arts theory and practice.The main objective of the TkH platform is to reinforce the critical and experimental practices / discourses in contemporary performing arts. Novak organized, created and performed several theoretical performances, instalations,  and exibitions with TkH:
(2005) Steinway's Daughter Piano Lesson (Belgrade)
(2001) Walking Theory , theoretical performance (Belgrade)
(2001) Walking Theory Inversion, theoretical performance (Novi Sad)
(2001) Hiperreal Allegory - Atelier of the Theoretician in the Age of Postsocialism , exhibition/happening (Belgrade)
(2001) DreamOpera , opera, theoretical performance (Piran, Belgrade, Zagreb)

Opera and Music Theatre (libretist, dramaturg, performer, producer)
(2009) Les Enfants Terribles , dance opera, music by Philip Glass (Belgrade)
(2006) Mozart, Luster, Lustik , music theatre, music by Irena Popović (Belgrade, Salzburg)
(2005) Operrra is a Female , music theatre, music by Jennifer Walshe, Anja Đorđević, Goran Kapetanović (Belgrade)
(2003) The Dracula Project , theoretical spectacle, music by Jasna Veličković (Wien, Lyon)
(2001) DreamOpera , opera, theoretical performance, music by Jasna Veličković (Piran, Belgrade, Zagreb)
(1999) Orfej u podzemlju , dance, music by M.Kedrov, B.Eno, E.Morricone, J.Taverner, M.Oldfield, I.Stravinski (Belgrade)
(1998) El Retablo de Maese Pedro , opera, music by M. de Falla (Belgrade)
(1996) Bastien&Bastienne , opera, music by W.A. Mozart (Belgrade)
(1995) Dido and Aeneas , opera, music by Henry Purcell (Belgrade)

Chinch - Initiative for research and production of contemporary music and "live" arts
Founding member of Chinch that was initiated in Belgrade in 2002 with a purpose to establish a platform for research, presentation and production of new music and mixed media art forms.

Blog about Louis Andriessen's music
(2009-) Editor
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