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Ivan Moody

Investigador integrado. Interesses: Composição, Música e espiritualidade, Canto da Igreja Ortodoxa, Música contemporânea

Curriculum Vitae




Ivan William George Moody



Domínio da especialização e interesses de investigação/Area of Specialization and Research Interests

Música e espiritualidade
Canto da Igreja Ortodoxa
Música contemporânea


Formação Académica/Education

2008 Doutoramento (PhD) em Composição, University of York (UK) (entrega oficial Julho 2008)

2001 Diploma (Approbatur) em Teologia Ortodoxa University of Joensuu (Finlândia)

1985 Bachelor of Music (B Mus), Royal Holloway College, Universiy of London (UK)


Publicações Relevantes/Main Publications

Teses / Theses

2008 – Ivan Moody: Portfolio of Compositions, PhD thesis, University of York (UK)

Orientador: William Brooks



[2008] (Editor with Maria Takala-Roszczenko) "Composing and Chanting in the Orthodox Church", Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Orthodox Church Music , Joensuu 200 7 (forthcoming)

2007 (Editor with Maria Takala-Roszczenko) “ The Traditions of Orthodox Music: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music , Joensuu 2005

1995 (Editor) “Contemporary Sacred Music”, Contemporary Music Review 12/2, London


Capítulos em Livros/Chapters in Books

“On Parallel Lines: A Conversation with Jan Garbarek” in Paul Griffiths and Steve Lake, eds, Horizons Touched: The Music of ECM , Granta Books, London 2007

“ Some Aspects of the Polyphonic Treatment of Byzantine Chant in the Orthodox Church in Europe ”, in Musica se extendit ad omnia . Scritti in onore di Alberto Basso per il suo 75° compleanno, a cura di Rosy Moffa e Sabrina Saccomani, LIM, Lucca, 2007


Artigos em Dicionários e Enciclopédias

[2008] “Bulgarian Hymnody”, “Russian Hymnody”, “Orthodox Church Hymnody” and “Compline” in Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology , forthcoming

2007 - “John Tavener” in Musik in Geschichte und Gesellschaft

2003 - “John Tavener” and “Alfred Schnittke” in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians


Artigos em revistas internacionais com arbitragem científica / Papers in international periodicals with referees

2005 - “Ortodoksia, Musiikki, Tulevaisus ja Länsi”, Erga , Joensuu

2000 - “Reflections on Death and Life in Contemporary Orthodox Music”, Jacob's Well , Winter 2000-2001

2000 - “Recordings of non-Western Chant and Polyphony”, Plainsong and Medieval Music, Vol. 9, Part 1

1999 - “Early Music in Greece”, Goldberg 9

1997 - “The Composer and Early Music”, Goldberg 1

1997 - “Recordings of non-Western Chant and Polyphony”, Plainsong and Medieval Music Vol. 6, Part 1

1996 - “ Mensagens : Portuguese Music in the 20 th Century”, Tempo, October 1996, Pp.2-10

1996 - “The Mind and the Heart: Contemporary Composers and Eastern Orthodox Mysticism”, Contemporary Music Review 14/3-4

1995 - “Portuguese ‘Mannerism': A Case for an Aesthetic Inquisition?” Early Music , August 1995

“Music as a Sacred Art”, Contemporary Music Review , 12/2

1994 - “¿Una Obra desconocida de Escobar? Algunas observaciones sobre el motete Fatigatus Iesus en el Manuscrito Musical No. 12 de la Biblioteca General de la Universidad de Coimbra”, Anuario Musical vol. 49

1992 - “A bird sang in the darkness: Einojuhani Rautavaara and the voice”, Tempo, June 1992

“Henryk Mikolaj Górecki: The Path to the Miserere”, Musical Times , June 1992

1990 - “An Introduction to the Music of Giya Kancheli”, Tempo, July 1990

1989 - “The Music of Alfred Schnittke”, Tempo, March 1989

1989 - “La scherzosità delle apparenze: The music of Niccolò Castiglioni”, Journal of Teachers of Italian , 1989

1988 - “Tavener's Akathist of Thanksgiving”, Musical Times , September 1988

1988 - “Ikons in Music”, Sobornost , March 1988

1987 - “The Church Music of John Tavener” (with Peter Philips), Composer , Winter 1987


Artigos em revistas nacionais com arbitragem científica / Papers in national periodicals with referees

1997 - “A voz de Fernando Lopes-Graça”, Arte Musical, IV Série, Vol. II no. 8/9

1997 - “A Survey of Recordings by Luís de Freitas Branco”, Revista Portuguesa de Musicologia Vol. 7

1996 - “A Survey of Recordings of Music by Joly Braga Santos”, Revista Portuguesa de Musicologia Vol. 6


Publicações em actas de encontros científicos / Papers in conference proceedings

2008 - “Some Aspects of the Polyphonic Treatment of Byzantine Chant in the Orthodox Church in Europe”, Proceedings of the 6 th International Musicological Congress, Belgrade, Serbia

1995 - “Cem Anos de Solidão: Música de Dois Mundos no Século XVI”, Proceedings of the I Encontro Musicológico, Festival de Música Colonial Brasileira e Música Antiga, Juiz de Fora, Brasil


Outras publicações / Other publications

Ensaios musicológicos e críticos / Critical and musicological essays

2008 - “Arvo Pärt: “I am the True Vine”, in De Koorbook , Utrecht, forthcoming

2005 - “Music of Democracy: Mikis Theodorakis on his 80 th Birthday”, Gramophone , September 2005

2004 - Detour... “Keith Jarrett”, Gramophone , February 2004

2004 - “The Choral Music of Leoš Janácek”, Choir & Organ , July 2004

2003 - “Philip Glass – Clearest Mirror of Our Age”, Gramophone , May 2003

2003 - “John Tavener's The Veil of the Temple ”, The Full Score , April 2003

2003 - “Charodeika – A Feiticeira” [Programa], Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

1997 - “Old Sounds in the New World: Latin American Music after the Conquistadores”, Holland Festival Oude Muziek

1997 - “Messages for the 20 th Century: Contemporary Music in Portugal”, in Portugal at its Best , Frankfurt Book Fair

1995 - “An Outline History of Russian Sacred Music” [Programa], Holland Festival Oude Muziek

1994 - “Mozart: Os Quintetos”, [Programa], Lisboa 94

1994 - “Peter Grimes: Gênese, Caos e Cosmos” [Programa], Lisboa 94

1992 - “Frente a Frente: Portugal, Spain, Africa and America in 16th Century Song” [Programa], Holland Festival Oude Muziek

1991 - “Advanced Conservatism: From Dunstable to Purcell” [Programa], Holland Festival Oude Muziek


Edições musicais / Musical editions

Byrd: Easter Propers, Palestrina: Missa Dies Sanctificatus (Chester)

Masterworks of Lisbon; Masterworks of the Russian Orthodox Church (Faber)

Cardoso: Missa pro defunctis

Cardoso: Motets

Lassus: Missa Osculetur me

Lassus: Osculetur me

Magalhães: Missa pro defunctis

Padilla: Motets

Padilla: Missa Ego flos campi (Mapa Mundi)

Lassus: Missa Paschalis

Lassus: Motets a 5

Palestrina: Motets a 4

Tomkins: Anthems

Victoria: Missa Gaudeamus (Novello)


Imprensa diária e semanal / Daily and weekly press

09.10.2004 “Os Sonhos de Jan Garbarek”, Público


Comunicações/ Lectures and Papers

2007 - “The Idea of Canonicity in Orthodox Liturgical Art”, Second International Conference on Orthodox Liturgical Music, Joensuu, Finland, June

2006 - “Germany in Russia: Aspects of the Interaction of Germanic and Russian Cultures in the Work of Alfred Schnittke”, Conference The Composer and His Surroundings , Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade, November

2006 - “Of Composing, Hearing and Understanding”, PSALM National Conference, Chicago, August

2006 - “The Harmonious Hymn of Theology: Communicating and Understanding Theology in Parish Life”, Pyhän Kosketus, Ilomantsi, Finland, July

2006 - “Reflections on The Vision of Sacred Art in the Work of Philip Sherrard”, Philip Sherrard Symposium, Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge University, June

2005 - “Orthodox Aesthetics and Contemporary Art”, Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge University, July

2005 - “ Some current areas of research in Orthodox Chant and their impact on performance”, !st International Colloquium on Mediaeval Monody, University of Lisbon, Portugal, June 2005

2004 - “Aspects of the Polyphonic Treatment of Byzantine Chant”, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad and Institute of Musicology, Belgrade, Serbia; Finnish Society of Church Musicians, Helsinki, December 2004 and University of Joensuu, Finland, December

1998 - “A tradição polifónica em Portugal”, III Encontro Nacional de Musicologia, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

1997 - “Early Music at the Edges of Europe”, Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht, Holland

1997 - “Cien Años de Soledad”, Cientro Cultural de Montevideo, Uruguay

1994 - “Cem Anos de Solidão”, I Encontro Nacional de Musicologia, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

1992 - “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht, Holland

1991 - “Advanced Conservatism: From Dunstable to Purcell”, Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Holland

1991 - “An Outline History of Orthodox Church Music”, Royal Academy of Music, London

1987 - “The Polyphony of John Sheppard and the Service of Compline in the Use of Sarum”, Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht



Obras publicadas pela Vanderbeek & Imrie Ltd. Lista completa disponível em


Entre as obras mais importantes:

2007 - Pipistrello 15 minutes Tuba & Brass ensemble

Commissioned by Sérgio Carolino

2006 - Ravenna Sanctus


Commissioned by Chanticleer

2006 - Only the Bees can hear

15 minutes SMsA, String Quartet Text: Poems by Anna Akhmatova (Russian)

Commissioned by Tapestry

2005 - The Bird of Dawning

7 minutes Bass clarinet, Violin, Viola, Violoncello

Fp Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa, Lisbon, 25 May 2006

2005 - Passione Popolare (2005)

Texts: Orthodox services for Holy Week, Popular Italian Devotional Songs

(Greek, Italian, Sardinian, Italian dialects)

30 minutes Soprano solo, Baritone solo, SATB, Ob, Vl, Vla, Vc

Fp Linda Campanella, soprano, Matteo Pierone, baritone, DolciAure Consort, Ensemble Antidogma/Ivano Scavino, Festival Antidogma, Abbazia di Staffarda, Italy, 28 June 2005

2004 - Ossetian Reqiuem

15 minutes Chamber Choir, 8 ‘Cellos

Fp Valencia Chamber Choir, ‘Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico/Elias Arizcuren, Templo la Valenciana, Guanajuato (Festival Cervantino), Mexico, 15th October 2005

2003 - Linnunlaulu

12 minutes Solo Piano, Chamber Orchestra (fl, ob, cl, hn, tpt, tbn, vnI vnII, vla, vc, cb)

Fp Elsa Silva, Orchestrutopica/Cesário Costa, Mafra,17 October 2004

2003 - The Dormition of the Virgin

Texts from the Transitus Mariae, Matins of the Dormition and other liturgical sources

(English) 45 minutes STB soloists, choir, 2 cornetti (or trumpets), strings

Commissioned by the BBC for the BBC Singers

Fp Micaela Haslam (soprano), Robert Johnston (tenor), Steohen Charlesworth (bass), BBC Singers, St James Baroque/Stephen Layton, London, 21 May 2004

2003 - The Morning Star

12 minutes Solo Double bass, string orchestra

Fp António Aguiar, Orquestra Clássica do Espinho/Cesário Costa, Casino, Espinho, Portugal, 2nd December 2005

2002 - The Canon for Theophany

Text: Canon for Matins of Holy Theophany (English) SSAATTBB

30 minutes

Fp Orthodox Choir of the University of Joensuu/Ivan Moody, Joensuu, 22 May, 2003

2002 - A Lion's Sleep

Text: St Simeon Metaphrastes, translated by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Liturgy of Holy Saturday`(English/Greek) 10 minutes SSS

Fp Trio Mediaeval, Trinity College, Cambridge, 18 July, 2003

2002 - Lumière sans déclin

11 minutes Baroque String Orchestra

Written for the Jusqu'aux Oreiiles Festival

Fp Les Voix Baroques, Montréal, Canada, 23 August 2002

2001 - Lamentations of the Myrrhbearer

17 minutes String Quartet

Fp Soloists of the Gulbenkian Orchestra, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 10th December, 2001

1999 - The Troparion of Kassiani

Text from Orthodox Matins of Holy Wednesday (English, Greek) 7 minutes SSS

Fp Trio Mediaeval, Sandefjord, Norway, 26th March, 2000

1998 - Akathistos Hymn

Text: the Akathistos Hymn (English, Greek) 95 minutes Solo T, Choir

Fp Cappella Romana/Alexander Lingas, St Philip Neri Church, Portland, OR, USA, 19th January 1999

1998 - Words of the Angel

Text: Orthodox Easter Liturgy (English, Greek) 5 minutes SSS

Fp Trio Mediaeval, Oslo, 11th December 1998

1998 - Pnevma

15 minutes Solo recorder, string orchestra

Fp António José Carrilho, Lisbon Sinfonietta/Vasco Azevedo, Mafra Festival, 10th October 1998

1997 - Lullaby for a Byzantine Princess

Text: Greek Byzantine folksong (English) 8 minutes Soprano and string quartet

Fp Suzie Le Blanc, Quatuor Alcan, New Music Series, Vancouver, Canada, 5 June, 2003

1996 - Endechas y Canciones

Texts: early Spanish poetry 13 minutes ATTB

Fp Hilliard Ensemble, Boxgrove Priory, 6th March 1996

1995 - Revelation

Text from the Book of Revelation and Orthodox Matins of the Last Judgement (English and Greek)

60 minutes Narrator, male chamber choir, 2 viols, 2 sackbuts, chamber organ

Fp Fr Philip Steer, Taverner Consort/Andrew Parrott, London, 23rd November 1995

1994 - Hymn to the Light

Text: Hymn from Orthodox Vespers (Slavonic) 7 minutes SATTB soli, SSAATTBB

Fp Amanda Morrison, Linda Hirst, Hilliard Ensemble, Choir/Ivan Moody, Cambridge, 30th July 1994

1993 - Epitaphios

20 minutes Solo ‘cello & string orchestra

Fp Raphael Wallfisch and La Camerata/Alexander Myrat, Megaron Moussikis, Athens, 21st May 1995

1992 - Passion and Resurrection

Text from the Gospels and Orthodox Holy Week services (English, Greek and Slavonic)

70 minutes STB soli, choir, tubular bells, 2 vl, vla, vcl, cb

Fp Red Byrd, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir/Tõnu Kaljuste, Tampere, Finland, 5th June 1993

1991-2 - Angel of Light

15 minutes Violin & harpsichord

Fp Menno van Delft and Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen, Engelse kerk, Amsterdam, 6th June 1992

1989 - Lament for Christ

Text: early 15th century poem (Greek) 22 minutes SSAATTBB (with soli)

Fp English Chamber Choir/Guy Protheroe, QEH, London, 8th March, 2001

1985 - Canticum Canticorum I

Texts from the Song of Songs (Latin) 6 minutes ATTB

Fp Hilliard Ensemble, Vienna, 1987


Transmissões radiofónicas e gravações importantes

2007 - Ravenna Sanctus recorded on CD by Chanticleer (Warner Classics R2 146364);

Canticum Canticorum II recorded on CD by Singer Pur (Oehms Classics OC 803;

BBC broadcast of The Dormition of the Virgin ,

2006 - EBU brodcast of Ossetian Requiem .

2004 - Lamentation of the Virgin released on CD by Singer Pur (Oehms Classics OC354)

A Lion's Sleep and Troparion of Kassiani released on CD by Trio Mediaeval

(ECM New Series 1869); Zefiro con Uccelli recorded for CD by Quinteto Versus

(Numérica, forthcoming)

2003 - Akathistos Hymn released as double CD by Cappella Romana (Gothic Records

G 49210-2)

2002 - Canticum Canticorum I released by Music Intima (Canada)

2001 - Words of the Angel released by Trio Mediaeval (ECM New Series 1753)

Arkhangelos released by English Chamber Choir/Guy Protheroe (Sony)

1999 - Epitaphios broadcast by CBC, Canada

1998 - Le Renard et le Buste released by Singer Pur (Ars Musici AM 1229-2), Germany

Canticum Canticorum I released on CD by Tapestry (Telarc CD 8046), USA

1996 - Passion and Resurrection released on CD by Red Byrd and Cappella Amsterdam

(Hyperion CDA66999); BBC broadcast of Revelation

Canticum Canticorum I and Endechas y Canciones released on CD by the Hilliard

Ensemble (ECM New Series 1614-15); Passion and Resurrection broadcast by KRO,


1994 - The Wild Swans at Coole and Nunc dimittis released on CD by Singer Pur (Ars Musici

AMP 5032-2)

1993 - Passion and Resurrection broadcast by YLE, Finland


Actividade como maestro e cantor

2007 - Guest conductor of Joensuu University Orthodox Choir , Second International Conference

on Orthodox Church Music, University of Joensuu

2007 - R esident guest conductor of Odysseia Choir, Lisbon (October – December)

2006 - Concert tour directing Cappella Romana in Portland OR and Seattle WA

2006 - Television broadcasts with Ensemble Alpha

2006 - Guest conductor of Orthodox Chamber Choir at Pyhän Kostketus, Ilomantsi, Finland

2005 - Concerts in Portugal and Italy with Ensemble Alpha

2004 - Workshops/concerts with St George's Cathedral Choir, Novi Sad and Belgrade,


2004 - Concert tours with Ensemble Alpha in Italy and Portugal

2003 - Directed concerts with Winterthur Vocal Ensemble, Switzerland and Orthodox Choir

of University of Joensuu, Finland

2003 - Concert tours with Ensemble Alpha in Italy and Portugal

2002 - West Coast USA tour directing Cappella Romana in performances of Passion &


2002 - Concert tour in France and Italy with Ensemble Alpha

2002 - Founder member of Pravoslava Chamber Choir, specializing in Russian Orthodox


2002 - Founder member of Ensemble Alpha, specializing in Eastern and Western mediaeval

music. Concert series in Portugal, Italy, France and USA

1995-2007 - Director of Music, Greek Orthodox Church, Lisbon

1995-97 - Director of São João de Deus Chamber Choir, Lisbon

1995 - Guest conductor of Conjunto de Música Antiga, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói,


1995- Guest conductor of choral course for Capilla Peña Florida, Festival of San Sebastián,


1994 - Guest conductor of Coral Vértice on tour of Portugal

1992 - Guest conductor for inaugural concert of Columbus Day (European Broadcasting

Union), Seville, Spain, with live radio transmission to 30 countries

1989 - Guest conductor, with the Kastalsky Chamber Choir, for the commemorations of the

150th Anniversary of the death of Tchaikovsky organized by the English Chamber

Orchestra, Barbican, London

1988 - Co-director of choral course for Semanas Internacionais de Música Antiga, Évora,


1984-93 - Founder and Director of chamber choir Voces Angelicae. Concerts, broadcasts and

recordings throughout Great Britain and Spain.


Outras actividades

2004 – Consultor Artistico para Dargil Recordings, Lisboa

2003 – Pesquisador e tradutor para Portuguese Music Information Centre, Miso Music Portugal

1998 – Professor de Composição e Análise na Academia de Artes e Tecnologias, Lisboa

1988-90 Consultor Musicológico e Administrador para The Tallis Scholars/Gimell Records

1986-87 Bibliotecário, Academy of Ancient Music

1986-88 Gerente e Editor, Publicações Mapa Mundi


2007 - Organization of Second International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, IOCM/

University of Joensuu , Finland

2007 - Invited composer for group composition project, Lisbon Conservatoire

2006 - Residency at the University of Oregon, OR, USA

2006 - Composer in residence at Pyhän Kosketus, Ilomantsi, Finland

2006 - Invited Lecturer at the PSALM International Congress, Chicago

2006 - Lecturer at Philip Sherrard Symposium, Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, London;

2006 - Lecturer at Conference “The Composer and His Surroundings”, Institute of Musicology of the

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade

2005 - Lecture at Conference on Sacred Monody, University of Lisbon,

2005 - Lecture at Conference of Musicology, Belgrade, Serbia

2005 – Lecture at Institute of Orthodox Studies, Cambridge,UK;

2005 - Organization of First International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, ISOCM/University

of Joensuu, Finland

2004 - Panel Participant in Music Symposium, St Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary, New York;

2004 - Lectures for the Association of Finnish Orthodox Church Musicians, Helsinki

2004 - Seminar at University of York

2004 - Seminars at Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and Musical Academy of Belgrade, Serbia

2003 - Residency at the University of Joensuu, Finland

2003 - Composition seminar at Reed College, Portland, OR and residency at the University of Oregon,


2003 - Course editor and contributor for Music History and Analysis for distance learning

(online), University of La Rioja, Spain

1999 - Composition seminars at the University of Toronto and University of Manitoba, Canada

1998 - Guest lecturer at III Encontro Nacional de Musicologia, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

1997 - Guest lecturer at Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht, Holland

1994 - Guest lecturer at I Encontro Nacional de Musicologia, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

1994 - Course Professor (lecture series) at festival de Música Antiga, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

and guest lecturer at Cultural Centre of Montevideo, Uruguay. Trip sponsored by

the British Council

1992 - Guest lecturer at the Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht, Holland

1992 - British Council-funded research trip to Brazil

1992 - Guest lecturer at Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht, Holland

1992 - Guest lecturer at Almeida Festival, London

1992 - Guest lecturer at Turku Festival, Finland

1992 - Guest lecturer at Royal Academy of Music, London

1998 - Series of summer lectures on English music at Royal College of Music, London

1987 - Guest lecturer at Holland Festival Oude Muziek, Utrecht, Holland

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