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CESEM Project


CESEM is a centre dedicated to research on the phenomenon of music from a great variety of points of view — sociological, aesthetic, historical, compositional, etc. — through an interaction between the various areas of Musicology and between these and the other Social and Human Sciences. It supports research through its specialised library and the maintenance of its two laboratories; through the financing of academic publications and participation in international conferences; through the organisation of scientific meetings and the development of self-financing projects; by receiving grant-holding researchers at doctoral and post-doctoral level and in the contracting of researchers. Among others, CESEM has the following objectives:

  • research into the cultural heritage in the area of music in Portugal: institutions, communication systems, musicians, works, performance practices, musical iconography, as well as the identification, conservation and production of critical editions of manuscripts (scores and other documents), recordings and other related materials;
  • research into the socio-communicative models through which music manifests itself, with recourse to communication theory and systems theory;
  • research into music from an aesthetic-philosophical perspective and through an analysis of music as sound;  
  • cognitive and psycho-acoustic research with regard to performance and musical perception;  
  • research in the area of musical dramaturgy and the theory and history of the different musical-theatrical genres;
  • research, from an interdisciplinary perspective, into the relations between music and literature, music and other arts, music and scientific knowledge, music and new technologies;  
  • Development of software for composition and musical analysis, as well as semantic based knowledge systems, in collaboration with researchers in the area of information technology.


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